The Third Third

Too Old to Run? Not so fast.

  Soooo, the [Republican strategists ][1]would have us believe [65 is too old][2] to contemplate a run for the Presidency even if you are Hillary Clinton and about as well qualified a public servant as has ever been nominated.  This is tiresome.  Of course a woman our age is a bit fatigued; she’s had to battle sexism for decades and now, apparently,  she has to fight ageism, too.   What I have learned in the process of not being 39 anymore is that I can still do pretty much anything I want if I am a better steward of my energy and passions, and of my physical and intellectual resources.  Bottom line, I take naps.  I exercise, but I gave up tennis and took up golf.  I learned to delegate.  I finally have a healthier understanding of the “You can’t do it all” that I rejected in my 20‘s and 30‘s. I understand, that is, that even if I can’t do it all, I *can* do enough (and the world doesn’t come to an end if I let go of all the other stuff).   It is quite obvious that Hillary, with her powerful mind and strenuous work ethic, can still run circles around most of us -- men *and* women.  So why not run for the Presidency if she wants to?  To the Republican strategists I say “Bring it on.”  If Ageism is your best weapon -- No new ideas or grand ideals, guys? -- it is, demographically speaking, a losing battle.  [1]: [2]:
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